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My first finished videogame ever.


1) Intro.

This is the readme for Aliens X 1.00, released 01-Feb-2006.

2) Controls.

You can quit game at any moment by pressing the Esc key.

F1 - Show game information (aka Credits in main menu)

F4 - Toggle full screen mode

Player 1 is controlled by mouse:

Moving around as like moving usual mouse cursor.

Left mouse button - Fire.

Right mouse button - Hyper-Gravity (needs energy to work).

Player 2 is controlled with keyboard:

Moving around with arrow keys.

CTRL - Fire (you can use both CTRL buttons for faster firing).

ALT - Hyper-Gravity (needs energy to work).

3) How to play.

Catch the falling bonuses to take weapons, lives or the power shield. Destroy all the enemies on the screen to go to the next level. Also dodge the enemy bullets while doing so, always keep moving. In difficult levels use the Hyper-Gravity feature to get rid of them.

4) Special features and tactics.

[Unavailable in current version]

5) Frequently Asked Questions.

...None were asked so far, as this is the first official release of Aliens X...

6) Credits.

This game was created with GameMaker 6.1, a well-designed and simple tool for making 2D games. If you are interested in making games you may consider paying a visit to the GameMaker site: http://www.gamemaker.nl

Install instructions

It's a Win32-compatible EXE.


Aliens X 1.0.zip 3 MB

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